Kidding right?

Today on the way to the grocery, we drove by a church. Cops were at one entrance directing people entering. Lights flashing and all that. The other entrance blocked by three vehicles. one marked two SUV undercover units. Three cops at this entrance stood aroubd. Lights flashing as well. I was thinking that wasa bit much, until…… I saw the tactical cop in full gear standing there as well. Looking like the picture below…

Now why do we need battle ready cops on a small town church parking lot? They’ve got to be kidding. Is the world so fucked up that one church needs cops, and the one across the street down the street and where ever in the same 1/2 a mile radius not need one?  I was doing fairly good this morning until I saw that. the world is turning to shit if we need the “army” to protect a place of worship. A place of sanctity and sanctuary. A place where we were supposed to be safe because of respect for god and or religion. I guess it’s not so anymore. 


Saddend heart


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  1. It’s not the safe place as when I was a kid. The world we have now could not have even been imagined back then.

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    1. candicejune says:

      I know right? It’s so sad

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