22 July journal

Good morning Americans, it’s Friday. Drink lots of water and other replenishing fluids if your in the heat areas. The temps are boiling, steaming, and who knows what. 

It’s been a week let me tell ya. And then I wake up at 350 this morning. I guess that’s fine since I’m going to have to start getting up sooner anyway ina couple weeks. I need to get prepared for that. Yuck. I’ve been mentally drained in the evenings. Work is i just taxing the brain. I’m still doing more than my share of things at work. Now I am training a new employee and doing the new hire paperwork as well. Oh my gosh, help we need more people hired to lessen the load on us. Especially me who is helping five locations not counting my own. 

Anyway, I’m doing really good otherwise. We’ve been eating better and more healthy food preparations since our hospital visit a couple weeks ago. One to lose weight, the other, well, to feel better and be healthier. Why shouldn’t we? Because we want to be together longer with each other, not because of each other. I also think that Mistress job is taxing her out. She falls asleep on the couch quite regularly. I’ve pretty much stopped smoking cigarettes. Using an e-cig thingy, I’ve gotten to where regular cigarettes make me sick to my stomach. I smoke regular cig in the morning and one in the evening. If I smoke more than that my stomach gets sick. That’s a good thing to. So I’m doing pretty good in that for myself. 

Well folks, have a great day. Stay cool, drink fluids and don’t get over heated. 


Love Candi

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