19 July journal

It’s tuesday people, another humid day in the mid-south. The heat index is supposed to be close to 110 . The actual temp only mid to upper nineties. Talk about soup in the air, yuck… More to come on that issue. Yesterday I was done, cooked by steam in the air when i got home. So I just sat down and cool off. 

The work place is getting really stupid. People are quitting and this is leaving me to do the work of several. I’m working several locations and and having to deal with all those issues and none of my own. Good grief folks, don’t you need to pay bills and maintaina job to do so? 

Now the BLM thing, I saw a video yesterday. The protesters were marching and chanting. Which was fine until you hear what they had to say, talking about wanting dead cops. Now the idea of being treated fair is fine. But when you talk about death to people, isn’t that just as bad or worse than what you are protesting about? Wake up folks, that’s no way of getting your point across. Then the wasa trans woman killed in Indiana by a christian extremist. It’s not even being considered a hate crime. Ok that’s really stupid to. They may not even track down the shooter . I don’t know yet as I’ve not read the entire story. With everything going on all over the world, I wonder about many things. Like the well being of humans as a whole. Are we so hell bent on hate and destruction that we want to destroy ourselves as a whole? It’s sickening to be honest. And I really don’t wish to leave my house any more than needed. Mostly due to so much hate. All stirred up b by the media and polititions. 

Well, I’m done ranting today. And I’ve got to get my butie in gear and go to work. I may be asked to work more hours. Which i need right now. I don’t want to work more hours, but that’s how I’ll get more money. Yuck. 

Have a great day everyone, 


Love Candi

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