15 July journal

Good Friday morning folks. I’m hoping everyone has a good day today. I’m hoping the same for myself. After a sandpaper dildo kind of week, it’s desperately desired today. The weather today and this morning is really nice and cool. Which is great! I don’t really have anything to write about today. Just a mindless babbling. 

Hrt changes this week; last night i shaved my face. Before I did, I noticed a “blank” spot in the hairs on my face. I thought that was odd. This morning my face feels more like i just shaved than before. I didn’t do a good shave either so that’s a much better, unexpected change. The body hair growth has slowed more it seems as well. Which that and the face is really making me happy. I’ve noticed this morning as well, after I got to work, the breasts are showing through the T-shirt more without the aide of any padded bra. I’m wearing a non padded bra due to the heat and looked down went “oh shit they are showing more.” 🙂

Anyway I’ve got to get busy working. Had something else pop in my head but I’ll save it for another post. Have a good day everyone. 


Love Candi 

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