13 July journal 

Good morning people’s, it’s Wednesday. This week is dragging by. I’m thinking if it went any showe slower it would have to speed up to stop. It’s going so slow that Mistress has done nothing more than sleep from boredom. I only wish I could lay around that much. Tired from the heat by the end of the day. But 8 hours is about all i can deal with in the sleep cycle. 

On the Transition front, my hair is getting so much longer than it was. More changes seem to be happening with my body. The fat storage is changing some. My breasts are not hurting like they were a week or so ago. Still a bit sore with the normal bump under the nipples. Nothing like it was. All body hair has slowed in growth and still watching changes there. 

Anyway folks, I was a bit late getting out of bed. I slept right through the alarm. So im a touch behind in my morning routine. So I’ve got to get off this phone and get busy. Have a great every one.


Love Candi 

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