12 July journal

Good morning folks it’s tuesday. Shootings and protests, stopping major highways, and gosh knows what. All this has me wondering about my own safety when leaving the house. The news the last Two days is only a spot on television that i make sure I don’t see. The negativity has become almost unbearable. Even on face book, I have not read much of anything there either. It’s all so negative. And here i am complaining about it. That’s not being very positive either, now is it?

In other news, I’ve got a trans committee meeting tomorrow. Maybe it will be better than the thoughts on my mind. I need some new socks. I’ve just about walked out of every pairi own. I tossed two pair Sunday when i did the wash as they had holes in them. then we have the love of shoe shopping. But that I’ll buy any. But it’s a great time to some shoes as the sales for summer shoes is on us and the back to school stuff coming to lure us all in and make some purchases to keep in business. 

Well I’ve got to get busy on today’s tasks here at work. I’m staying away from the news And social media. I am hating this depressed state that I’ve allowed myself to get into. I need something to do in my off time that’s not money using. Maybe my bicycle riding, i get that thing out clean it up and get some much needed exercise. 

Have a great day everyone.


Love Candi

3 Comments Add yours

  1. warpedkitten says:

    Ohhhh, shoe shopping ♡♡♡♡

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  2. I want to help! What kind of shoes are you looking for????

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    1. candicejune says:

      Shoes are on the bottom of the list now.


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