Well folks Mistress and I both ready to get out of the white coat building (hospital). Actually we have not seen a white coat all day. Supposedly one was to be here at 830 this morning, four hours ago. Still no answrs or words when we are getting out. So we sit bored, hungry, and wishing for a better channel selection. I’ve searched everythingi could think of online, read all the Facebook crap, looked at fetlife, pissed off a friend, become lonely , fearful, and a host of things i shouldn’t be worried about. So I’m just writing for the sake of writing. With nothing to say but this mindless rambling. 

I’m wishing I had brought the laptop soi could work my letter some. The one to my parents. But I wasn’t smart enough to bring it with me. But when your in a rush, that’s not really in your mind. especially given the circumstances. 

Well were still here and maybe we can get out of here soon. Have fun today

Love Candi

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