9 July journal

Well folks, still at the hospital. Welcoming any correspondence to break the boredom. Anyway, the day went Kevi long yesterday. After a stress test that failed, and then heart catheter that found a blockage, and then a stint put in. It’s been rather eventful and yet boring on my part. Has my wife decided not to come yesterday (not that I was taking no for an answer), and waited any longer then it was highly extremely likely that she would have hada heart attack with in the next 1-2 weeks. As much as i hate hospitals, there comes a time that you just have to go. Or visit your doctor on a regular basis. is better than the alternative. 

I know this is the worst place to get any sleep. Everytime you get settled then you got to move, get up, leave the room, or the lights turned on. Anyway it’s good now since we are to be leaving at some point today. Mistress is doing good now and hopefully will continue to do good. That’s great. Yay!!!!

I’m on day two of 4mg estrodial. 2mg in the morning, and again in the evening. So we’ll see how this goes. 

As I sit here, with nothing to do and watch the god awful news again, I’m am  ready to get out of here. Looks like shopping is not in the cards again today. I don’t really need anything, though I wanted to go frog trinket shopping. maybe some yard art. But I’ll get to it sooner or later. Right now Mistress is all that matters. 

Well I’m ending this post. Have a good day folks.


Love Candi 

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  1. Hmm, you split your estradiol. My doc has me take 4mg daily, both at one time. I wonder if it makes a difference. Probably not, just different doctors.

    Isn’t modern medicine amazing? To have the diagnosis and an operation like a stint so quickly to me is just amazing. And her going home so quickly. Astounding.

    I seem to be unable to do stress tests properly. My doc has me do one every ten years. For the life of me I can’t just do it. I can’t walk long enough for the test normally, so he has me do a chemical stress test, which is walk as long as I can deal with it, then they give me a shot of something. Stretch me on a gurney and hook me up to monitors. So it gets done, but unlike a normal human being who just walks for an hour or so. Eh, as long as I survive it! I always was a weakling, all the way back in school. Just was NOT a jock. I knew I was different all those long years ago.

    Notice I’m writing you a long message. Just keeping you occupied, sister. Anyway, good luck. Y’all have my best wishes for full recovery. No doubt she’s going to feel much better now with that stint in place.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yeah I wasn’t every a jock person. I think the split in estrogen is to keep it from passing to much at one time through the liver. Oral ingestion of estrogen passes the liver 2times rather than once of an injection. The stint is inserted through a tube inserted at the groin. First they looked for a blockage, then inserted the stint later after what they found they can do alot, it never want to be to detailed I n description of the procedures for some reason. Go figure.

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      1. I was forced to change doc recently and just kept my old routine. He asked if I wanted tablets or injection. Maybe I’ll switch to the needle next visit.

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      2. candicejune says:

        That may be a solution. Not sure what you have going on. I’ve even read threads about folks wanting progesterone. I asked the doc about that. The answer was two fold, one is to high money wise. And two the biggie for me, he said it’s a fertility drug. It really does nothing for a transgender woman or a genetic female who has no uterus or ovaries. So it’s really a waste of money.


      3. Thanks. After reading I’ll skip the injections.

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      4. candicejune says:

        I know a few that do the injections. That’s just one view point. Research and questions will give you a better prospective. I hear also but never asked that injections are better you. However I’ve not researched it.

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