8 July journal

Good Friday morning folks. Gosh this week couldn’t close out fast enough. Blah is what i say lol. But it wasn’t all bad. The endo doc upped my estrogen to double what it was. And a new script for that change as well. He’s really pleased this far with everything. Including my bp which was almost through the roof the last time. I think it wasa combo of a couple things, mostly white coat fear. What a hoot i am. The doc comes in the room and calls me Candice , the nurses all call me by Lee with no pronoun. So I have ask if they are asking for me. 

Now a more serious note. It seems theblack lives matter stuff is back up all over the place. I ain’t up on why, but, it is equality we’re after, shouldn’t all lives matter? To out this into where I’m going, this is the media’s monster. They don’t and won’t report in the headlines the killings and such that involve other races. Only the bad against color. We all have all the same parts, skin, nose, ears hearts, blood that is red, eyeballs, and best of all a brain. One capable of seeing more than what has been presented I n front of us. I’ve experienced first hand how the media twists the truth, it fails to report the “entire” story. Keeping all of us as Americans, humans, and others in a constant state of fear, and otherwise hating each other due to skin color or some kind of life we live. I truly feel that if the media was held to report the entire story we wouldn’t have even half the hate and prejudice we have these days. The media as a whole should probably be criminally punished for the fear they have been creating. Or is this all coming from a higher power of the land? Irregardless the media needs to be completely fair to all parties. If they don’t have all the facts then shut the fuck up about it. However, ratings from the Nielson thing and probably other factors have us all as whole angry, hating each other and the like . It’s about time we leave that news crap alone. Act like mature adults, and give respect be respectful to those deserving. Say hello going the street rather than snarl or ignore. It’s really up to us to stop the idiocy we have going on. With that I’m getting off the soap box with this; wake up America. 

Since I’m at the hospital with Mistress in posting this rather early. I’ve got nothing else to do but wait for them to move her in admittance. Then I can home shower and get clean. Change clothes and make coffee, take my new dose of morning meds and come back. Then maybe i can doze off. So for now off i go with closing this post.

Have a great day folks. 


Love Candi

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  1. Domina Jen says:

    You’re right, the media is awful, and I completely agree with you, that all lives matter.

    I never understood racism. I never really saw it growing up, and had no idea it even existed until I was an adult. Oh, but it still exists.

    I’m lucky enough to have a very open-minded black friend, who I can ask all these questions, and who doesn’t get offended when I try to understand. She explained it in a way that really opened my eyes.

    She said, (and I’m paraphrasing from what she said in like 3 different conversations, and bear with me, she said this wayyy better than I can) “Of course all lives matter. My life doesn’t matter any more or less than any other race. But you’ve seen that the racism is still a problem, and needs to be fixed.

    Is it the only problem? No. Are white privilege and racism even the most important problems in the country right now? Hell no. But this IS a problem, and we’re trying to spread awareness to people (like me) who don’t understand WHY it’s a problem.

    If you go to a Save the Rainforest charity event, does it do anyone any good to yell, ‘Don’t just help the rainforests! ALL forests matter!’

    No. That doesn’t help anyone. Of COURSE all forests matter. But a movement THAT vague isn’t effective and doesn’t spread awareness. It just spreads noise. The problems the rainforest faces are distinct from the problems a woodland forest faces.

    It doesn’t mean that the rainforest supporters don’t care about all forests. It doesn’t mean that the rainforest is more important than the other forests. It just means that this particular movement has its own sets of problems and obstacles that its supporters are trying to help solve.”

    To me, anyway, that made sense, and I understood better why the Black Lives Matter movement needs a place, and needs support.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yes I understand that, what I hate the one sided stories from the media not filling the entire pieces of the puzzle. Like editing videos and only showing the ending rather than the other half that would make a difference. That’s what really gets me. I had an issue where I was part of something making me and a couple other folks a hero. When it came out the entire story was so twisted that I felt ashamed due to how it was written and it wasn’t the truth or in its entirety.

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      1. Domina Jen says:

        It’s true. The media tends to care more about ratings than facts.


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