6 July journal

Good morning folks, it’s Wednesday in case you’ve lost track. Can you believe that we are well past half through this year? Summer solstice has come and gone and the days are getting shorter as we head to fall and winter.

 I’ve started a whole new letter to my parents. One that’s totally mine and not the chopped up edited version of some one else’s. The intent is still my birthday in September to send it out . I’m very prepared for the repercussions . I still feel like a child having to ask permission for something . I don’t understand why i feel that way. 

I’ve got a  therapist appointment today. Luck seeing that I got in today. The earliest was August second. But a cancellation got me in today. Yay! I’ve needed to see her anyway. I feel I’m pretty secure with my self except for two things, the god awful restroom debate, and my family. The restroom thing isn’t just the recent laws, but, goes back even to male mode. I  hate using public restrooms. Especially mens restrooms , they are typically nasty due to inability of most men to hit the toilet or urinal . Leaving a mess on the floor and or the seat. That leaves restrooms stinky. Some women’s restrooms aren’t much better. But at least we are afforded more privacy than in the men’s typically. I feel bad for transmen who have to use the mens restroom. That really sucks. 

Anyway, as usual, our local parts supplier has none of the parts i need for any of my projects in stock . It’s really depressing that we cannot complete a damn thing due to parts issues. Our company holds us to a standard. We look bad in not reaching that standard by not receiving what we need in a timely manner. Everything is 2-5 days out . Including light bulbs and wiper blades. Omg! Really? You have nothing asked? I never have received a reply to that question. 

Well it’s time to get going to work. Have a lovely day everyone. 


Love Candi

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