You can never step in the same river twice.

As the title says, you cannot step into the same river twice, ever. Things are constantly changing, like the water flowing through the channel of the river. With all my changes  my parents don’t know me. I don’t know them either. Thought process of both them and myself had changed somewhat in the two years I’ve been up here. My body has changed since November, and also since I seen them since May. I still believe that the visit was more than a social visit. I’m rather down that i could not day whato needed to say. 

I don’t think or feel i can deal with a face to face openness. There is some things i’ve been told when i was younger that just may come true if I do something that causes pain. so that makes it difficult to dos face to face. 

In the HRT front, my nipples are so sore that I have to be carefuhow i do things. Sometimes it is one or the other or both. I can’t remember if I said this at the last post or not, but, I almost gave myself away doing something when I got into a painful situation. I almost yelled out. Then I have the uncontrollable hand movements when I talk. Something I didn’t do much before hormones.

Well it’s bed time. I’ve got to go to work on the morning. Have aa great night every one.


Love Candi 

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  1. “my nipples are so sore”. Welcome to womanhood, Candice!! hugs

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yes dear, I realize that. Lol feels kinda nice.

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