5 July journal

Good morning folks it’s tuesday. The popping off fire crackers is done, and things getting back to normal. It wasa long weekend of stressing out. Now it’s back to work and normalcy. I’m kinda ready for that. I had some wierd dreams last night involving Fonzie and some issue that now i can’t remember. I do remember that I managed finish the problem in the dream before I woke up. Usually I don’t get that far in a dream. 

Mistress andi both have got a case of the sneezes and runny nose. She started sneezing yesterday. Now I’m sneezing. We stayed in last night and didn’t go out. We thought about it, but we were still worn out from the weekend. Enough neighbors were shooting off fire works that it didn’t matter where we went. I was in bed at nine. And if it hadn’t been for our visitors we may have went out yesterday evening. I wanted to in part, but also feared that with all crime in this area, something bad may have happened. Gun fire hidden by the sounds of fire works. So we wound up staying in. 

Well it’s about time to get going to work. I’ve got other things on my mind and need to come to a conclusion to how desk with it. I’ll be calling my therapist today to schedule an appointment. So I get some guidance on that issue. Then I’m going to sit and rewrite the letteri had written. 

Anyway have a great day everyone. It turns out great for all of you. 


Love Candi

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