Fourth of July

It’s independence day in America folks. Thanks to our veterans of the military living and passed,  for their sacrifices and dedication to keep us free and allow us to be who and what we are. 

This independence day I was hoping to be one of personal independence. It didn’t happen. The closed minded nature of the people that visited, especially, one is rather difficult to explain. But none the less, it didn’t happen. 

I did notice some extreme bigotry. “We need to treat people equally, yet I’m going to bad mouth those that are different when I’m in the confines of a room with people who are seemingly like me.” Is basically how certain if not all conversations went this weekend with a couple of the visitors. Then say one thing and act another. I’ve never really seen anything like that before out side of the church. Usually it was always totally one way or another. 

So I’m making a phone call to schedule an appointment with my therapist. This will be to discuss my feelings in this matter, and, to get some guidance on how to tell my folks. There is much reasons from the past to stop me and several from the actions and words this weekend to stop me as well. 

Well I’m done ranting. It’s time to move forward and be me. I’ve got to  shave my legs, paint my toe nails and get pretty again. Yay!!!!!! Then we’re trying to decide what to do this evening. 

Have a great day and enjoy the festivities today. I’m sure going to.


Love Candi 

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