1 July journal

Good morning everyone, it’s Friday. The first of July anda day of visitors arriving. I’ve made some decisions, and I’m going to let the beans get “accidentally” spilled this weekend. Knowing whati know, and the given physical changes, I realize I’m about to get baited once again. The subject of trans will come up and I have decided to allow it to turn the tide into coming out. I think the hormones have turned on the “I don’t give hoot” part of my brain. Not to mention that I cannot continue on the path of hiding from them. Having to change who i am Everytime I see certain folks is rather disheartening and emotionally taxing. And I Also geek I’m more prepared for any back lash. Not going to accept arguments on the situation. I will answer reasonable questions, explain what i can. But I’m not going to take any bs about it. Except for this one little piece, I am happier than I have ever been in my entire life. I’m free of my own cages and fears. I truly smile, enjoy my self, and who i am. That is something I’ve fought all my life and I’m not going to let some people destroy it, no matter who they are. I am ready, and it needs to be done. 

Well I’vea few things to do today. Set up the grill, go get more fire wood, prep dinner and go grocery shopping. Set up the sleep quarters, and wait. I may be repairing the neighbors lawn mower as well. 

I guess i better get started on the days tasks. Have a great day everyone. And if for some reason I do not post anything this weekend, it’s because I’m too busy entertaining my guests. 


Love Candi.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks dear. I will. I’ve come to far too be broken now. But I have a secret weapon! Hehehehhe

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