29 June journal

Good morning folks it’s humpday. Another day to get done. Well anyway, I’ve been having a touch of the stressing out. I’ve got visitors this weekend. And I’m having to be guy this weekend. However I also think, that it’s spy mission. In one wayi want to get this last bit of coming out done. In another I’m scared to death and fear telling. But this is the one of the last two pieces of coming out i have to do. The other is work and I’m sure it will go much better than the other. I know I’ve got to get this done and get it out of the way. If it doesn’t happen this weekend I’m making a therapist appointment to deal with this. I need some guidance some how. I’ve thought about a letter, Mistress seems to think this is a bad idea. others think it may be a good idea. So now I’m a bit confused on what should do. 

I’m finding that kids today are having some respect issues. Not only my own but I know other people with late teen early twenties kids are having issues with respect. Thinking parents are stupid more so than ever before. But the way it’s going about is completely wrong. Recently my son was helped out by his mother. And not two days later he told her how bad she was. Cussed her out and a host of other things. His girl friend who knows nothing of us,  joined in the attack. I know we taught him much better than that. I’m not saying he cannot disagree with us on things. But he was taught to be respectful about it. It’s come to my attention also that he has some angry bug in his head. He cannot stand me and obviously cannot stand his mom. Calling us bad parents and other things how we were wrong. Sadly, he doesn’t know of all the little issues that caused our split up. He also doesn’t know what it takes to rear and care for kids. To include guidance in the rights of the world, feeding, keeping a roof, maintaining a relationship with a significant other. I had thought that i did something wrong. Then my brother has issues, a friend un related is having issues. So I’m really trying to decide where the problem is coming from. Because I know others that are having similar issues though I’m not close enough to understand if it’s truly parents or kids issues. 

In other news on the work front. My friendly neighborhood idiot is no longer working for us. He was asked to bbegin reporting at another location for the duration of the summer. He must not have been able to deal with that. Because he has removed himself from service to us. So the issues that were being dealt with self corrected. I am glad to have such news. Yippy!!!

Well folks, it’s time to get ready and get moving to work. Hope y’all all havea great day. 


Love Candi

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