28 June journal

Good morning folks it’s tuesday. Looks like WordPress has updated once again. I can’t say if it’s good or bad yet. Just writing this post is wierd. 

Well I went the support group meeting yesterday evening for the first time in a month. I left at the break, the first half was staying on topic. That was a first in a long time. Then I got to talking with the director of trans affairs at the center before i parted. It was a great conversation. I found out that some of the things that happen at the lgbt center I am allowed to attend. Like the ladies potluck, and the bold and beautiful group. Even my wife can attend. I found that really nice. I also got the impression, almost directly spoken, that she wants me more involved in the trans affairs here locally. I do know i don’t wish to over tax myself on being inhibite involved. Years ago mistress and I were overly involved with another group. It taxed us greatly and we just didn’t have time for anything else. Then things we needed to do just didn’t happen . So we’ve got to be careful about how much time we devote to causes and issues. Otherwise, we won’t have time for each other, household chores, or anything. So I’m going to see about being more involved. This brings about the thought of my ultimate goal. To bend in and not be noticed. Which is what I need. To fall into society and not be harassed, noticed and pass as another woman in the world. To not be considered trans by anyone. Which I have learned is not just looks, but attitude as well. That will all be another post.

It’s time for work. At least it’s time to finish getting ready and get going to work. Have a great day everyone! 


Love Candi

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