27 June journal

Good morning every one. Monday sure came way to early. It’s supposed to be Sunday. The world is moving way to fast. Was busy all weekend and didn’t see any television until late yesterday afternoon. I’m in desperate need of a pedi from the nail salon. I’ve got an ok ingrown toenail. Boy does it hurt. It’s going to be two more weeks before I can get one. So I’ve got to do some maintenance to relieve the pain. Yuck. But I’ll have to tough it out for today. We’ve also got lots more prepping to do for the weekend coming up.
Not much going on around here. With the stress of some other things removed, we’ve doing really good.
I’ve also got to noticing that a blog I follow hasn’t posted in quite a while. I’m hoping she is OK. Josie’s world hadn’t been around as of late.
I’m only working four days this week. Things this weekend have me doing a day off.
Well that’s about the jist of Candi’s world right now. Life has just been busy and coming fast. Leaving little time for much of anything else.

Love Candi

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  1. Josie seems to come and go.

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    1. candicejune says:

      I’ve noticed that. She was posting alot for a while not it’s spuratic

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