24 June journal

Hello Americans it’s Friday, Friday morning to be exact. What a screwed up week. Luckily I’m almost done with those inspections. Which I’m rather bored with now.
Anyway, we got back on the subject BDSM last night. Not sure why, but I’m thinking she wants to get back into the daily rituals of our contract again. Some how we’ve gotten out of it. We’ve had lots going on. But we’ve also noticed that the scene here isn’t structured as we are used to. The dungeon and the people in it aren’t engaged like we are used to either. But that shouldn’t stop us from the rituals and things we know. Maybe we need to get involved more and teach a few things we had classes on.
That leads me to the next part, transition. How will this affect what we want to do? What about telling family on the transition? Something I’ve given thought to. Doing it face to face is definatly going to be a disaster. I’ve got some of the letter worked out. The BDSM side is easy. I’m thinking I’ve gotten everyone confused with how I’ve worded this.
Last night I didn’t sleep real well. Tossing and turning was the agenda I suppose. But I guess that happens now and then.
I’ve got to get ready for work and get moving this morning. The energy level has been rather odd this week. I’m thinking this heat is draining me down. 
Have a great day everyone. Remember, is Friday!

Love Candi

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