22 June journal

Good morning everyone, hope this finds y’all in good spirits. It is Wednesday, humpday. There isn’t much happening in our world right now. Just work, staying in from the heat. The heat hadn’t been to bad for a few days. But it’s apt to change. Anyway, we’re actually getting things straightened up around the house in preparation for visitors on the 4th of July weekend. The people are unaware of me at this time and all the stuff has to be put away to relate to Candi for a few days while we have company. I’m not really looking forward to it, the hiding that is. But since they decided to come see us, I’m going to welcome the visit. I’m rather shocked any family wishes to see me. So I’m welcoming the visit.
Last Friday, we stopped to pick up some stuff at the wally world. I had discussed trying to get by without breast forms looked at push up bra’s. They turned out cheaper than the ones with a bit of padding. By like $10 cheaper. So I got push up. I’ve worn one around the house a couple times. It has to be the most uncomfortable bra I’ve worn. But then on Sunday and through now, my breasts have become sore with tenderness in the nipples. I’m wishing I had gotten the other set of bras. Something I wear daily and not show to much at work. At least not show to much right now. However, with the changes I’ll have to get used to a few things. I may have to replace all my bras as the changes take place And the use of breast forms become a thing of the past. I’m ready to lose the breast forms anyway.
Well I that’s end of this post. Just not really much happening. Hope a great day is had by all.

Love Candi

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