19 June journal

Good morning everyone it’s Sunday. The temp is lovely, just lovely this morning, low humidity and everything.
It’s also father’s day. Happy Father’s day to any fathers that may be reading this. No matter if you’re a trans or cisgender.
I’m a bit scared to watch the news this morning. So I’m on MeTV watching emergency right now. Soaking my foot so I get my self pedi done this morning.
Last night, Mistress confided that she was sexually ready. Wow! She they said she’s that way all day. I asked why she didn’t say something earlier. I got no reply. I managed to oblige even though I’ve been told I would not be able to. I know this, the feel was completely different in a good way.
Hrt update, my nipples are getting tender. I’ve noticed it off and on for a couple days. This morning they are tender to touch and seems it isn’t going ease up like the times I’ve noticed before today. Which has only been a few days. As mentioned above, my junk seems to still working. At least into Mistress favor against what she was thinking saying to me. I did notice that it goes flaccid rather quickly, unlike before. That is almost immediately ending any stimulation. Also my ability to eat certain amounts of food has changed. Eating like a male, being until I’m stuffed, is not very happy feeling like before. I’m having to relearn how to eat. Smaller portions of the same foods seems to be the best now. I’ve felt lots better by doing so. My voice has been cracking some. Along with certain tones being more difficult to attain compared to before.
Anyway that’s about the end of this post. Nothing else to to get out. So I need to get busy on this pedicure.
Have a great day everyone. And happy Father’s day.

Love Candi

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