16 June journal

Good morning everyone, is thumping Thursday. I’m moving a bit slow this morning. Yesterday was the first of several visits in store to the dentist. I had two teeth removed. And I’ve got to get all but four removed. Not for bad teeth, but, because my bone has deteriorated to the point that there isn’t much holding them in. So along with some health possibilities I’ve had to decide to get them out. I’m not really happy about it, but know I should have listened better about some things. Primarily when I started smoking cigarettes to be social with my second wife. I’ve diligently been quitting smoking. I usually do good all day unless the smell hits me. Then I want one.  I don’t until mistress gets home with her cigs and then I’m following her out the door to smoke. That’s something I too so doing. That’s on my agenda today. Anyway, the only good outcome, I can have as white or not so white of teeth as i want.
In other news, the heat is on here, only though the heat index. We had some strong storms quickly blow through last night. Leaving many without power. Ours went out for about 20 minutes. Many others I think may still out of power. Close to 20,000 were out of power when I went to bed.
A friend came by yesterday evening to check on me. And I found that I thought was true was true. My tush has been changing shape. I thought it was, as my panties were fitting differently. But wishful thinking was my answer.
Work has turned out to be a disaster this morning. I haven’t finished my post as a result of it. I’ve nearly forgotten I was writing it.
Well have a good afternoon everyone. I have to get back into doing what I was doing. I’m already a day behind.

Love Candi

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