15 June journal

Good morning every one it’s hump day. It’s already steamy out side. They are calling for 95 degrees, and the heat index being 105. We are under a heat advisory today. Basically the high humidity is going to make you sweat buckets. Not really really the temp as it’s the humidity.
Mistress and I discussed our future, she is still on the fence about all this. Some days are good and others not so much. But I think we both have learning to do and still be able to keep the flame and spark alive of our relationship.
In the news, the stupid flag is in the news again. I find it silly, that people are so offended by that and lgbt people. I was watching “happy days” yesterday evening. Guess what was in one of the scenes? A picture with that flag in it. It was in Rich’s room. No one was offended by it when that show was popular. I didn’t watch the news bit today, but the southern Baptists are putting out some kind of something about the flag.
The Orlando massacre, as I’m going to call it, is really weighing heavy on many people. Myself included. There is rumors that may very well be true, that there was two more shooters in that club. Mind you that it’s rumored. However the media hasn’t reported anything about that. This whole hate of the lgbtiq community is truely out of hand. We do not pose a threat to anyone’s way of life, marriage, or sanctity to anything anyone else believes in. We aren’t knocking on your door trying get you to come to or believe in our way of life. We aren’t telling you anything other than let us live in peace. The same peace you are preaching about and yet will not allow us as a community enjoy. The part saying “those without sin may cast the first stone”, is on my mind alot lately. The people who condemn us most likely will not know where we are or who we are off they weren’t sinful. Meaning that if they weren’t hanging out in sinful places, looking at sinful websites, and the like, they wouldn’t be attacking any one or persecuting us. Mostly because they would be studying the Bible and practicing the things they are preaching. Many of us God fearing folks. Many of us believe in God and attend church regularly. I however do not attend regularly. Not that I don’t believe, but rather have issues with the messengers who like to twist and put different meaning to words written. Let’s just stop the hate!
Ok, I’m getting off my soap box. It’s time to go to work anyway. I hope everyone has a great day. I’m only working a couple hours today. Then I have an appointment then home early.

Love Candi

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