14 June journal

Good morning folks it’s tuesday. I’m still kinda in a funk. I don’t know why. I just ain’t liking it. I wonder it’s the lack of one thing I haven’t talked about in a good while, sex. Yes folks I still have a desire for sex. It’s just not happening. When I want to, Mistress isn’t and vise versa. It’s really crappy. Now I know things may not work the way they did, but I still want to try. I’m not having the male style desires of wham bam ok I’m done sex. Rather wanting the slow build up, over the top kind of intimacy, with foreplay and stuff that makes sexual encounters fun and meaningful. But somehow I feel, Mistress thinks I’m not capable anymore. I do know I can find a way to sexually please her. I do know I am not so worried about my self as I am her. But like I said we’re never in sync when it comes to that kind of time together.
In other news, I’ve got all my stuff to actually spend extra time doing the inspections I’ve got. With the signage, and the needs for parts that I will have to order, my days are, at least yesterday, going by fast. Which is good, then I don’t have time to dwell on meaningless stuff that I’m letting get me blue. This weekend is father’s day. Yes I’m a father, but how do I deal with that. I’m not too much a father looking person anymore. I still love my kids, though they never call anymore. But I guess it doesn’t change the fact I’m still a father. Maybe just a parents day would be in better order for us here.
Well folks, enough brooding today. Sorry about a cruddy post today. I’ll get over the funk I’m in soon . Have a great day everyone.

Love Candi

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