13 June journal

Well folks it’s Monday. As I was finishing yesterday’s post the news broke in on my show about the Orlando murder. I made a brief mention about it in my post. There was, at that time, no information being given about why or who or anything. Now they are calling it terrorism from the last I’ve read. This is appalling in my view. Without actual facts, is hard for me and others to see it that way. Then I read some stuff on another website where people are saying they people attacked got what they deserved for being gay. That’s just a fucked up way of thinking. I really am not going any further on this topic.
Last night I went to bed in a funk. Not something I wanna air out here. I seem to be ok right now. I think it was a hormone low. But I can never tell either way if it’s just me or something I really need to deal with. It’s weird how that comes along. Just out of no where I those odd feelings of losing. Oh well, it’s fine, and it’s not what I’m making it out to be.
I guess this is going to be a rather short post today. I haven’t anything else to chat on. It’s time get ready for work.
Have a great day everyone.

Love Candi

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