12 June journal

Good Sunday morning folks. Hope this is finding everyone in good spirits. Mistress came home early, it was a wonderful surprise. Though I didn’t show it as I was rather busy and away from the house when she got home. I feel that upset her. We got through it though. And got to bed about midnight.
I have to change purses again. It’s not a bad thing either. She brought home a new purse for me. It’s rather cute a style I like. So I’ve got to figure out what I really need in my purse and move everything over. I like my old purse. It has the number and type of pockets I like so I know where my stuff is in it.
So from this pain old black one,


To this cute hip chic one that I love the design on.


So this new one will go with just about anything i wear and has some bling to it. Though not overly blingy. Only I have been wanting a shoulder strap on my purse lately but am learning to just deal with that problem. I just need to find a new wallet. I’ve found that the one have is just too big really. I’ve got more stuff in my wallet than I use. That’s really just because it’s too big and I decided to fill it up. The stuff that’s in it I thought I needed and mostly I only use about three things in it. And a couple other things I have is just because I have to carry it. The rest, well, is just filler.
Mistress is still asleep. She has not had alot of sleep since Thursday night. 1000 miles and 16 hours on the road in the car, she is flat worn out. So much so that she was cranky last night. But I’ve already mentioned that.
Not much to discuss the HRT front. No other noticeable changes since last week. My mood seems to have leveled off. I’ve learned to keep my mouth closed and think a few seconds before I speak. The only other thing I’ve noticed, which may or may not be hormone related, is weight loss. I’ve lost another five or so pounds. But I’ve been losing weight this year anyway. So it’s hard to say what is really happening at this time. My face is thinner than a year ago, I been feeling better, and I’ve not really wanted cigarettes. So I’ve been doing good in the cigarette department. Which i needed and been wanting to stop anyway. My hair on my head, well, it’s got a mind of its own. Some days it’s all over the place, others its naturally feminine looking with nothing more than a quick brush though. I’m not really having to spend a lot of time on styling it. Kinda like blow and go is plenty good enough. But as it grows more I’m sure I’ll have to do more with it.
Well I’m ending here with this lengthy post. I hope you all have a great day. And lastly, to those in Orlando affected by the breaking news I just now see, our hearts go out to you in support.
Have a good day everyone.

Love Candi

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