11 June journal

Good Saturday morning everyone. It’s sunny with a chance of sun lol. At least until tomorrow and the rain is supposed to return. I really didn’t think i lived in Washington state. Wow this rain just doesn’t want to stop. It’s a great week other wise.
I plan on getting my bike cleaned up here shortly. It’s gotten rather dirty and covered in water spots, grime and road film. So it’s just a mess.


I took the tail bag off so I can clean the rack. So better get busy.
I’ve got a couple events I’m attending today. One at two the other at seven. I still have to decide what to wear and to travel. Do I go the bike, or take the pickup. Mistress has the Car in Texas. So that’s out. There bike leaves your hair a frightful mess, the truck a bit manly looking with service boxes on it. But hey it doesn’t really matter. I don’t want to be out on the bike after dark in this town. For that matter I don’t like being out after dark in this town period. I think I’ll drive my pick up. At least the doors lock and I don’t have to worry about getting knocked on the head.
Well I better get going or I’ll never get anything done. It’s Saturday I shouldn’t be rushing but, I’d like to try and get a nap in.

Love Candi

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