9 June journal

Hey there, good morning everyone. It’s Thursday. This calendar year is half over and the summer solstice is just a couple weeks away making the half way point of the natural year as well. So far this summer/late spring has not been all that hot. Last week we were covered in clouds and this week we ended up with a cold front that put the temps into low sixties in the mornings if not lower.
Well it’s obvious I’ve got nothing to chat about. Just the crazy weather. Saturday the married trans group is having an outing to a restaurant. It’s our first meeting and the responses have been nil. So far it’s going to be the other group leader and myself. This group is to get married couples together where one person is transitioning after the couple got together, and they intend on staying together. The support is for both parties of the couple to help each one understand the other side of feelings and emotions. Along with having others to talk to about the feelings they are having with another that is or has gone through the same things.  If you happen to fit into this or are interested it, it’s mid south married to a t on Facebook.
Mistress is going out town to a family reunion this weekend. So I’ll be little miss bachelorette this weekend. Which may be good. May be bad to. It’s been a while since we have been apart. Anyway I’ve got absolutely nothing say. Just blank.
So I’m going to get to work. Something may pop later into my head.
Have a great day everyone.

Love Candi

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