Positive ness

I’ve sifted through many a blog and fb posts, and a few other websites over the course of a year. All dealing with some form of transgender issues. Some are rather up beat and positive and others are rather depressing.
In this I’ve had my own depressing tones and moments. There was a period of about three months where I was still unsure of self. All because I many years hiding. I’ve had my old blog which started out good and when I made decision to stop using it it was due to the depressing nature it had taken. Almost two years after I started thing I just ended it. To much of a fight over who I am vs who I tried to be in my past. It just wasn’t working. I had to become positive if I was to get through this transition and keep my way of life. So I started this new blog. I have done posts that are down in the dumps. Who doesn’t for that matter. But I try stay positive and looking at the good and show what progress has been made for the most part.
There point here is I see many posts on a great deal of places that are so negatively focused that I wonder how these folks function on a daily basis. Yes there is so much negative in the world today. Just watch the u.s. news in any city and that’s all they focus on. So we’re conditioned be negative right? Yes in a way we are. Why? Because it’s just juicy and full good stuff, blahhhh. I call bs, it’s just easier to find bad than good i guess. So I’ve seen some posts and blogs that go back years and see nothing but negativity in every single post. It’s really heart breaking to see nothing but such negative stuff written. Yes I’m guilty, this post is guilty as well. Focusing on the negative of the negativity of depressing posts.
Question one, is life so bad that all we can see is the brown of winter and not the green of summer? Even in the winter there is life and fun and some green. It’s not all that bad when you get right down to it. We could still be living in caves and chasing down our food everyday. So we’ve got all this technology, it makes our lives easier. But had it really made our lives easier? I think it’s made our lives more complicated. We’re so busy keeping up others that we get mad and depressed au what they have rather looking at what we have. Our lives aren’t that bad when we look at ourselves whole heartedly and disconnect from the world. Trials and tribulations come to us all. We just have to deal with them. We have to seek help and guidance. But in the end, it’s up to our own self to make it happen. And we have to determine if we will happy doing it.
Closing this post, is like to say, I did spend many years fighting myself. I had plenty lows, a few highs and back to lows again.  Recently as I came out to my wife in the past year and to others I’ve had some really low lows. Those weren’t fun. I decided I have be happy upbeat. Otherwise I’m no better off transitioning than staying In the closet. So I’ve got my head up, shoulders back, and hopeful boobs out. I’m happy just being me. Happy that I’ve decided not to hide and finally move along out of the closet and the darkness. I’ve still got my lows here and there, but like I did before. Remember to focus on the positive, stop dwelling on the negative. Don’t seek drama, instead seek the adventure of the happy you or happy in life as whole. Try not to let those little sad moments run the life you have and put you in the muck of boggy swamp.

Have a great day folks
Love Candi

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  1. Couldn’t be better said. There are ups and downs, just power on through those. Keep those boobs pointed out!

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    1. candicejune says:

      Ha ha you funny:-). Ok wrote this but so much for myself rather than for others who may be feeling with issues. Though we all do.

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  2. SeekingClarity says:

    Thanks for the reminder! perspective is key sometimes when you in the middle of the slog

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yes it is. More so than we realize


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