8 June journal

It’s hump day every one. It’s early and I obviously have not got a clue what to say today.
You know, in reading another post yesterday and some conversation with a friend, I see our self image is usually not what others see. Many times we are all to critical of ourselves. Seeing and feeling less that the true worth we really are. Yesterday I was also visited a new COO of our company. Apparently I’ve been hyped up by the maintenance side of upper management, that this new ops manager was expecting a much different person. I guess I’ve impressed him but I really all the hype. The guy was putting me on a pedestal and I played it down, right in front of my boss. Stating I just come in do my job and that’s it. I ended that conversation on the note, perfection is a road, not a destination. And that no matter who we are we can’t possibly be perfect or know everything. Anyway he seems to be impressed. I however will wait to see if he impresses me. But like I said the image of in our minds of ourselves totally different than what others see. So we really should learn to hold our heads up and at least be satisfied with ourselves.
Other news, yesterday was really quiet for me. I got one inspection done. Started another. I never got my clothes put away. I did do my yoga thing yesterday afternoon. And boy I am way out of practice. I’ll need to get into my own regiment of it for a while. As I tried to follow the tv program I found myself out of breath. Ah heck I’m just going to follow the program. I need that out of breath. That is something to know I’m working my body. Obviously as I get back into it it will become more and more easy.
Last night the dinner we had chicken. I’m not a big fan of chicken. It’s usually dry tasteless. And I just don’t care for chicken. But that is what was laid out. We have bone less chicken. So I wanted something different it than what I usually make with it. I was really being lazy. So I looked up boneless recipes online. I tried one and what do you know that was the juiciest boneless chicken I’ve ever had. First I took the paste grease I use and smeared the lid and the pot, then I put a1/8″ coating of olive oil in the bottom of my 14″ Dutch oven b pot. Laid the three breasts into the pot and swished then around then flipped them and did it again. Added seasonings, flipped again and added the seasonings on the other side. Oven at 400 degrees, put the lid on and stuck the whole thing in the oven. Thirty minutes later the chicken was done. Didn’t even need a knife to cut it. It was so tender and juicy I was shock. Noodle and green beans. I’ll definatly do that again. The recipe called for doing same thing in an open dish but using parchment paper as a lid. I don’t have parchment paper. Also the chicken didn’t stick the pot. So clean up is easy.
Well that’s all for today’s post. I need get to work. Having lots to do I better get busy. But who knows what’s in store when I there.

Ttfn love Candi

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  1. Have fork, will travel!

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    1. candicejune says:

      You ever get this way I’ll make you some. O:-)

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