HRT week two

Well folks, other than a few minor changes, the over all physical stuff has not really changed. Im not saying I expect things either. However I have noticed a few things;
Leg, arm And body hair not growing nearly as fast. Which I’m happy about. I don’t look like Chewbacca in three days. I shaved yesterday just to tidy up. My lower legs are faster than my upper, but nothing like before. Face hair seems to be growing a bit slower as well. But that latter may be wishful thinking, lol.
Body fat, well, the belly area of fat isn’t as firm as it used to be. I had an amount but wasn’t grossly over weight. My weight has been steady mostly.
Mentally, I’ve been up and down. We had a rough week. I was a bit down, started getting it out it, Mistress went down. Then I followed her, again. We both finally got out of it. Today we are doing good. I can’t say it’s going to stay there. But we are OK and good. We have to be each other’s support system. And i sure try. But the last round this past week, I decided that I’ve got to be the support system here. I’ve got to research and learn her side of things. Comfort her she is down, letting her know to get me out of bed if she is down. I have to ensure she knows that though there are changes, one thing will stay the same. I’ll always be the person inside that she fell in love with, I will always care of her. That’s just my job always will be.
So that’s about it for this week. The sun is finally shining. The humidity is up like usual for here. Sun is in the forcast for this week. Which is great because, as I much enjoy the rain, we need sun, blue skies and happy.

Love Candi

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