4 June journal

Good wet Saturday morning everyone. What a yuck day weather wise. So we been discussing ourselves here. Mistress was in Chinese born a rat, native american month the owl. Myself a dog and bear respectively. It’s an interesting combination, quiet smart protective and loyal. I manage to keep a teddy bear attitude, and am usually loyal. Unless you really hurt me and i come to the conclusion I’m better off else where. Those decisions aren’t easily just made it takes months, sometimes years to decide certain things. I’ve had two jobs that I kept longer than three years. My own business, and my first auto repair job way back in the late eighties. Anyway our combination makes for an interesting house hold.
Last night, we went to dinner, then to a comedy show at or local lgbt community center. The comedy was OK. Up and coming folks one local and the other from out of town. It was neat and something we can do on occasion. They only hold it about once a month.
Ok so I’m having a tough time focusing on my post this morning. I do need to get the kitchen cleaned, showered for a hopeful shopping trip, and move our camper back to the parking area. So I best get my happy bootie in gear. Otherwise I ain’t going get anything done. I was just asked if my post is happy or sad. I replied that it’s not sad. Not sure it’s happy but it’s not sad.
Ok that’s it folks, I’m ending this right here. Have a cheery day!

Love Candi

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