2 June journal

Good morning folks it’s Thursday. Tears from the clouds continue to fall. Maybe the great spirits way of saying it’s time to truly cry and cry hard. Maybe it’s a way of saying move on little one. I really don’t know. But some how deep down I have this feeling it’s not the end. But until otherwise contacted, I’ve got to stick my last words.
Mistress and I been wanting to go walking in the evenings. Last night was raining again so we were just couch potatoes. That’s not healthy. But I did get the fridge cleaned out dinner cooked and dishes done so, I did exercise some lol.
I’m really grasping at straws to find something write. I’m just kinda numb. But I’m going to respect the wishes of my friend and leave her be. I’ll be ok in a few days. But I’m not sure I’ll my let walls down again. It hurts to much. The bear almost got woke up. I almost said some things would have really hurt. But I did keep things mostly civil in our last discussion.
Tomorrow is Friday and I’m hoping I’ll have something better to talk about. If i don’t post anything don’t worry I’m fine. Just getting past my own sorrow.
Well folks, have a great day, I’m getting my self ready for work. Oh yeah a boring day at work. We’re on parts hold. So I spent a good part of the day sweeping and mopping.

Love Candi

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