Always on a mountain

Most of my life, I’ve almost been a winner. I’ve come so close, but never really won. And just when I thought I’d finally made it, I find myself right back where I started from. Then you came along and had me believing, for once in my life my luck finally changed. But today you said goodbye to me. Seems everything i do winds up the same.
I hate to say I’m giving up but I believe, losing just become a way life with me. Losing wouldn’t be so bad at all. But I’m always on a mountain I fall.
This is how I’m feeling right now. Thanks to Merle Haggard for the words.
My friend will be missed forever. Good bye love.

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  1. Cinn says:

    You know love, them saying goodbye says more about them than it does about you

    Don’t doubt your own shine 😄❤️

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks dear. I’m OK this morning, and I’m holding my head up.

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