1 June journal

Good morning folks, is Wednesday. Hump day it is. I’m feeling a bit better. Which is a good thing. I’m not 100% back yet, but I do feel better.
Yesterday I was messages on a dating site. I was told so many flattering things. Hum, i wonder what the real motive is? Besides he is two states away. I’m not up rooting my life for him. I have my own life and have no plans to ruin it any more than what may already be possible by my own doing. I sure am not letting sex attraction from a person to ruin it further. Besides I’m married to my wife. I don’t want lose that.
In the news this morning before I changed channels, there was a bit about a couple of preachers being convicted for sex trafficking. I had to laugh. God’s messengers doing what good says not to do again. I didn’t finish the watching it as they went to a commercial. But still, it’s right back to where I was before. Christianity isn’t really the problem as much as the messengers of Christianity are.
As I’m at ten days on hrt I’ve come to understand that I’ve got mental changes happening. But some stuff is the same in my mind. It’s tough to explain. I’ll make a separate post on that later.
But anyway I’ve got to get ready for work. Which has nothing to do.

Love Candi

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