30 may journal

Good morning and happy memorial day every one. Please be sure to take a moment to honor those military, law enforcement, fire fighters and emergency technicians that have or do put their on the line for you to be free. Without that we wouldn’t have some of the things we have here today.
I know too that some stuff looks really gloomy. With all the hate of skin color, sexuality, gender identity, among other things, has us all wondering about our future. Much of this hate is unwarranted. If not all.
Yesterday, wife and I went to Mississippi. A trip of a couple things I wanted to see. One of which goes back to my late teens. Firstly we stopped in tupelo. We were to early for the birthplace museum of Elvis. But I got a few pics. Wifey got her camera out and took lots of pics of stuff. I was really shocked at how small the house is. Not much larger than a frontier cabin. An old Dodge sedan also on display. Below is bronze statue of Elvis at thirteen. And I found this more interesting than grace land.


Now that is not what the trip was about. So we looked and headed south to the town Meridian. Which is much larger than I expected. The birthplace of Jimmie Rodgers. Also know as the blue yodeler, singing brakeman, and the father of country music. Now this museum is only open Tuesday thru Saturday from 10-4. Also every May 26 there is a parade and stuff celebrating his life and death. So we took some pictures. Of the train and the signage,  the building that houses the museum. Which I think used to be the depot before it moved to its current location at highland park. The park happens to be a historical area in of its self. Anyway, many musicians have been influenced by Jimmie Rodgers. From country to pop, rock and blues. So he was much more than the father of country music. Also my love for him came in my late teens as I was learning to play the guitar. Person teaching me got me turned on to him. I’ve studied on his life and sound ever since. When i need inspiration I’ll turn to the old stuff. Mostly Jimmie Rodgers.



I really wanted this monument in picture. Wife got me in it on her camera. I’ll have to get those downloaded. I’ve got more pics will have to place them on my pics page. But this was the reason I wanted go to Mississippi. I was more male, and used male restrooms. Yuck. Public men’s rooms are nasty. But I won’t go there. But anyway it wasn’t all that bad being out there in Mississippi. My mind was all messed up and maybe I’ve made more it than I should have. One other thing I’ve noticed in our 12 hours of being in Mississippi. I only saw one state flag flying. That was coming out Jackson on 55 to Memphis. Plenty of American flags though.
Will i best end this post here. I think this got rather long. But anyway, have a wonderful day everyone.

Love Candi

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