27 may journal

Good Friday morning everyone. And welcome to a three day weekend here in the united state. I’ve woke up again at three. I guess I need to go to bed later. I’ve also noticed that my mouth isn’t all dry and gross on the mornings like it used to be.
I guess some charges have been made to our tv channels. We weren’t getting b boomerang channel. Now it’s opened up. That channel has the old cartoons on it. And I just watched the “smurfs”. It was smurfy lol. Now it’s Tom and Jerry.  But that I really need to sit and watch old cartoons, but I’ve seen every episode of i love Lucy about four times. So I’m a bit bored on that.
I really don’t have much on my mind right now except one thing. That is if my friend is OK. I’ve gotten a unit diagnosed yesterday and need to put all the stuff i took apart back together. Short of that one part.
We’ve pretty much decided on going to Meridian Saturday. And then maybe get our camper fixed on Sunday/Monday. Then we can use the camper again. A project we just hadn’t gotten to. It needs to get done. I tried cleaning out the back of my pickup yesterday after work. That turned into a race to get away from the lightening. I almost got struck. But I did manage to get some of it cleaned out.
And they we got resin in the forcast through all of next week. It’s raining again now. I’m ready for rain to disappear for a bit. Don’t get me wrong, I like the rain. But to much is to much. Lucky we aren’t flooding, yet.
Well that’s it folks, nothing to talk about. Just crap.
Have a great everyone, at least it’s Friday.

Love Candi

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