Yes I said evil. Oops I spelled it wrong. No this isn’t an hrt induced rant. I don’t think I’ve gotten to that point yet. It’s only the second full day of hrt.
However I’m evil, many of you may have remembered my other blog. The depressing mood? Well those troubles never went away. I just stopped talking about them. They aren’t my troubles affects my friendship. After much discussion between mistress and I we to make a really tough final decision. Hopefully it’s not forever but it most likely will be. Without going into to much detail, the animosity that has become part of that friendship had gotten way out of control . I’ve as always, ruined more than I can fix. Not by intent, but purely accidental. The back and forth of i like you and hate you of friends turned into a ruined marriage. Our friends marriage has turned sour and all I hear is it’s her fault or his fault. That being me and Mistress. At the time I was still stifling over the gender identity issue, now it’s Candi’s fault she left and it’s Candi’s fault she sees things that are true.
I just couldn’t handle that anymore. The stresses of it all just to much. Maybe it’s not my fault or Mistress but we sure got the blame. Thru just couldn’t come to the conclusion that the marriage is done. Though the female half has decided to make needed changes, is driven the male half plum bonkers. Maybe once a decision one direction or another made, maybe we can be friends with one or the other or both of them. But as it stands at this point in time, it’s good bye for ever. It’s not really what I want, however it’s needed, for now.
Mistress is really taking it hard. Her best friend is gone. But like an old man said to me once, “it seems every time I get to liking folks they ain’t around long. Glad it’s not some one I hate, cuz they ain’t around long either.”
Maybe new friends and better experiences will come along. Besides guess what we get to do? Spend time together working on us and the changes coming from transition.
I’m very sad to see the departure from my friend and supporter. Almost to crying. But I hope it all works out to the best for all of us. I’m evol and I regret it. I’m so very sorry and hurt that I’ve had to make such a choice. I’m hoping that someday will come and forever will not.

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