25 May journal

Good hump day every one. It’s been a crazy day yesterday. We finally got a new regional shop manager. I don’t his plan, but rumor has it, the idiot will be moved shortly. That’s the bestest news I’ve heard at work in a while.
Come to find out, mistress is upset at me. After I completed yesterday’s post, we were texting. I found that certain questions she wanted asked didn’t get asked. In my defense, I was not given a list of questions to ask, nor was I informed what specifics she wanted information to. So now I feel like a failure. I didn’t do what she wanted. I always try to. Since my next appointment is in six weeks, I asked her to get me a list of what she would like to have asked. Then I can those answers. Then maybe I won’t be a failure. What’s really funny is i didn’t mad. Hum thats kinda odd. I wasn’t defensive or anything, I just felt like I disappointed her.
We had a team effort to cook dinner last night. Chicken fried steak mashed potatoes. As always it was good. I have noticed I since Monday evening, seem to be less rattled. I’m thinking a result of the start of HRT. About thirty minutes after taking it i was calmer. All day yesterday I was not bent out of shape about things like I usually am. With the exception of the above mentioned items i feel pretty good. and even that mess up is not of any concern either. That’s about all I’ve really noticed this far. But i am sure there will be other things to happen. I am going to be keeping a log of stuff in relation to all this. Oh I did notice my desire to eat more than my fair share has diminished. Yesterday’s lunch had to be eaten in two parts. I just couldn’t eat it all. So it looks like my portions will be smaller and possibly more frequent. So that’s that for today. I think this post may seem to be all over the place. I’ll fix that tomorrow, as I started this post yesterday and now it’s 430 a m. And I’m trying to remember where I was. Anyhow I’m doing fine and will end today’s post right here.
Have a good day everyone. It is humps day after all 🙂

Love Candi

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  1. georgiakevin says:

    Thank you for your update Candi, hope the week ahead is filled with wonderful memories for you.

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  2. And oh yes, keep a journal and photos to memorialize your transition.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Thanks, I have one pic from Monday. But need to do another in my undies full body I guess. And I need a thumb drive to store them on. I also need a binder for other pertinent information. So I guess it’s out shopping this weekend lol.

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      1. Hey, any excuse to shop is a good excuse!

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      2. candicejune says:

        Oh yes, it’s great isn’t it? Oops did I see a gray hair? Time to buy more hair color, oh looky at that top it’s cute, got to have that to. Lol

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