24 May journal

Well it’s tuesday morning. I’m not really sure how I’m feeling today. Seemingly more relaxed. That happened about thirty minutes after taking my first dose of the HRT last evening. Anyway I do feel OK this morning.
We are trying to decide what to do this weekend. Possibly a trip to check out a state park here in Tennessee, or a trip to Meridian Mississippi to the home of the father of country music. She wants to go to the beach. That is 6 hours away. I’m not really wanting to be in the car that long again for a second weekend in a row. We also need to make the repairs ok our camper so we can use it. But we’ve been to darn busy with a bunch of other stuff. This has kept us from doing that one chore. So maybe we’ll do that instead. But still we may go do something else mentioned above. I do know not really wanting to spend a whole weekend in the car.
As I took a picture last night, I’ve got to create a file folder to store those pictures of the changes. As I proceed to womanhood. This was encouraged by the doc. The doctor is rather nice and not an ass. That was a big relief. Yes some things were discussed about smoking and and all but he errant m wasn’t an ass about it. He was very calming and such  so that was nice. Usually doctors scare me. But that was a good visit.
Well, I’ve got to get to work. Have a great day folks.

Love Candi

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