23 May journal

Good morning folks. Yes we’re home, was busy yesterday. Getting ready for the work week and doing chores. That drive is tiring. I could stand more sleep and rest. But I’ll try and get that this evening. We were cooped up in the car for 30 hours and 1600 miles. Many a back routes to see so much green foliage in Texas. I haven’t seen that much green in Texas in my entire life. At least not this time of year. Usually it’s just early spring and mid to late fall. I saw water in creeks and streams that usually never have water, unless it just rained. Even then it’s not got water in them long. It was just wow.
Today is the endo doc appointment. I’m a bit nervous and excited at the same time. I did talk to my daughter on this yesterday. She is not worried about it but isn’t going to be changing her pronouns. Which is fine i suppose. We never got to finish the conversation. I was very tired and she had deal with her son. Anyway I’m leaving work early today for my doc appointment. A friend of ours is going with me. Orders to record the conversation. Mistress wants to know what was said.
Well I’ve got to get going. It’s about time to go to work.

Love Candi

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  1. Good luck my friend.

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