20 May journal

Good morning everyone. Well it’s Friday, we are in West Texas after 12 hours of driving, 750+ miles. I’m in drab old clothes. Stopped to see my brother and then moved on to where we gotta be for the day.
My date, well, nicely dressed he was. S gentleman and paid for dinner. We went to his place after dinner and talked. That was the longest talk I’ve had about transition and myself and my wife and everything. Good gosh was sweet. Never a kiss or a come on or any thing. I was really shocked. So I left at almost eleven ending our conversations. I went home and passed out. Mistress showed up sometime after me. But I was dead to the world. Oh well.
Yesterday it was jump up out of bed. Then I passed back out on the couch.  Then finally it was rush to pack and get headed out the door. And the rest yesterday was a long drive. Our first food for the day, Texas dairy queen. A burger that’s not over cooked and juicy. That was a piece of heaven. Then we wound up with some real Mexican food. In Tennessee the Mexican food is OK. There is some good Mexican  or. Tex-mex food. But beef, no one in Tennessee send to know how to cook it. With the exception of a few select places, the beef is over cooked and dry. It seems they cook it like they do pork that’s what makes it tough as shoe leather. So it’s good to have a real hamburger. And maybe a steak later today. Not sure if we are heading to dfw this evening or not. I think we are. Mistress sister may be traveling with us. Wierd. Twins in the car.
Well that’s about all I got today. Still getting recovered from the drive. Just so I can drive some more, lol.
Have a great day everyone. It’s Friday the way.

Love Candi

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