I sit here

Yup I ain’t doing what I should be. I’m just crying my baby blues out of those sockets. I’ve been trying to be unemotional, and not angry at this whole bathroom, attack the trans people crap. I wet l watched a couple videos, and I realized I went from fear of being in hiding to fear of not hiding. Will I die for going to the restroom? Why isn’t it all, trans folks. It seems they are just picking on the trans women. Like OMG a man went in the ladies room. He’s going to rape, murder and molest a person. I just can’t keep it in anymore. What about the teachers (male and female), priests, preachers, youth organizers, politicians and on and on and on? What did these folks wake up one day and look in the mirror? “Hey let’s blame trans people for our misconduct”. That’s so BS. The one state I thought would stay neutral, nope they are on the band wagon now too. I’m not even sure I can go to Texas now.  I’m so depressed. The people who should be punished are getting off Scott free. Mean while on the farm little johnnyette is punished for being in the wrong body by no fault of their own. We are made this way. We can’t change it. Trust me I fucking tried. I can’t make it go away. So I either stay dead inside or I be me and live. I’m just so tired of this bs. All because they are guilty, and want to hide a bunch of other crap deep inside those bills. So we fight for our rights while others are being taken away under the damn bills.
Wake the fuck up people. No trans person is going to rape or molest anyone.  I’ve lived in fear for 30+ years about this. Now I have to keep doing it. Because y’all are fucking scared of what you yourself have done. I know this, I sure didn’t ask to be this way. I sure wished I was born the right way. I wish none of this fear and hate and hiding on anyone I ever knew it will know. Not even the idiot at work deserves what we as tabs folks go through.

Sorry people I’m going to shower now. Wash the tears off my face. Down the drain with my fears. And hopefully emerge as a stronger person than I was before I broke down.

Love Candi

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  1. Cinn says:

    Times are changing. Just because the ignorant scream the loudest doesn’t make them the majority

    Nothing but love here ❤️

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