11 May journal

Hey there! It’s Wednesday! Hump day! Have a great day today! It’s just lovely…
Did you know there would be no Candi without Sugar. Be it candy makers or me you get some candy that is yuck without sugar. That said my wife who is known as Sugar foot, has been a great catalyst to helping me through the transition up to this point. I hope for that this continues. She has been wonderful, and supportive. Though this didn’t happen overnight. At the beginning she was rather apprehensive, only tolerant. As I was coming to terms with myself, she stood by me as I went up and down emotionally. 30+ years of self repression had to get out. And she was there, beside me, comforting me and keeping me on track. We still have our rough patches, though they are not like they were, and further between. She has become accepting, and supportive. She has been helping buy clothes, putting together outfits, helping teach me how to do my hair.
All that stuff above didn’t come easy for her either. She had much to take in, she still does. I try not to force it upon her yet I have to nudge some. I try to be considerate of her feelings and downs, though I’m not all that good at that yet. I try to support her and find her support from other sources that are in have been or gone through the same as we are. It’s been a tough road for her. I do cherish the fact she is sticking with me. She could have easily walked away (ran away possibly as fast as she could). I’m so glad she didn’t. For without Sugar, there would be no Candi. I’d be stuck in my hole, dying like I was. She is my angel and I tell her that everyday. I love her and cherish her. Hopefully not so much to smother her out.
Now that I’m at work and should be doing just that, I need to end this post. I’m hoping due a much better day today. Yesterday I was in the dumps due to lack of sleep on Monday night. It’s funny how sleep can affect a mood. I’ve got some surveys to do. I just don’t understand why we do all these surveys at work. Then I have to clear out my emails. They’ve imposed a limit on information stored in them. So I got to clean that up. New units are arriving and I’ve got to be prepared for that too. I have to check them all in.
Have a great day everyone.

Love Candi

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