After a weekend of tough stuff with my friends, I’ve had to make a decision. One I’ll probably regret for the rest of my life. I had to tell them to leave us alone. It just broke my heart to say those words. We’ve been caught up in the middle of what they have going on for months and it’s just too painful to watch. In doing so I had to be an ass about how I put it. “I don’t give a fuck” was one of the phrases used.
Now my heart is sad and I’m a bit depressed about it. But I’ve got to look after my own health, both physically and mentally. Also my wife’s health is included in that. The stresses were just too much for both of us. I do wish our friends well and hope that someday we’ll be able to patch things up. I’m going to miss them terribly.
Goodbye my friends I’ll miss you.


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  1. Sorry, but you gotta look after you and yours. That has to be uppermost.

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    1. candicejune says:

      Yes it does. I just wish things were different. It saddens me greatly and I guess I’ll get over it. The great spirit has other plans it seems.


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