9 May journal

Yuck it’s Monday again. Good morning folks how this finds everyone well.
I’ve been seemingly good lately. Truthfully I actually have. Though my self confidence has been wavering a bit the last couple of days. It’s just me over thinking, I’m knowing of that. There’s been some other stuff going on in our lives that’s been taking some time to get dealt with. That may be affecting my mentality and my self confidence. Oh well I’ll get over it. Don’t know if I mentioned but I have an endo doctor appointment on the 23rd of May. I’m looking forward to that. It’s an odd feeling for me to want to go to the doctor. I usually avoid a doctor like they carry the bubonic plague.  I don’t really know why. Doc Baker and other family doctors on TV seemed to be so caring. Maybe it because I’ve never had the same doctor more than one it two visits. But, this doctor in being told is friendly. I hope so. Because ij just need a doc I can count on.
Well the rain has returned to my area again. No motor cycle riding for me. Possibly all week. That’s usually my primary way of getting to and from work. That’s the breaks.
Well folks I’ve rambled enough this morning. It’s time to get to work. Hope all of you have a great day. Yippy!

Love Candi

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