8 May journal

Happy mother’s day to all the mothers. You have and can give life. Like the earth you are to be respected and cherished. There isn’t enough credit given to the importance of women and the ability to give and nurture life. This day and in my opinion every other day should be in honor of the creators greatest gift, mother’s.
I’ll never be a mother. I am a father because that’s how I was born. I hated the fact I couldn’t give birth. I’ve hated a lot of things about me. So as I transition and this day gets me thinking. Should I do mother’s day or father’s day in the future. The fact remains that I’m still a parent. Something I’ll have to decide at a later date.
Mistress was out late with friends last night. I was passed out by eleven. I’ve no clue when she got home. I hope she wasn’t where she was when the shooting spree happened in that area.
I spent the afternoon on my motor bike. That was after my visit to the auto dealer for the car oil change. I did that enfem and was quite nervous as I was alone. I was greeted and taken care of very respectfully and professionally. Even other customers were not offended and nothing was said not was there any stares. Which was a good thing.
Today we sent grocery shopping. And doing some other running around. I got some coconut oil for my hair. See if it’ll grow faster. Then I found out I need a shower cap so the oil wont get oil on the pillows. It’s suggested that I keep it in my hair all night. So now morning shower is going to be needed.
Well I’m going to get going. Need to fix my nails and get laundry done.

Love Candi.

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