4 May journal

Good morning everyone, it’s finally Wednesday. The week is half speeding away and half dragging. Last night’s sleep was crappy. Maybe because I got to bed late, or the tea I drank before dinner. But it’s OK, I’ll get through the day.
We had softball practice yesterday evening. The weather here has decided to become more early spring life instead of late spring. So I bucked up with pants. I call them spandex pants, others call them leggings. Anyway, leggings and a t-shirt to the batting cages. Surprisingly I wasn’t all wierded out do so. Usually if I wear something of that revealing nature during daylight, I tend to get all “I’m being stared at” feeling and become self conscience. I just really didn’t care what others thought. No one stared or said a foul word. Then we went to the waffle house for some dinner. It’s been a great turn of events lately. Maybe more so to my mentality than the world. I’ve just gotten to where I do my thing in my way. Presenting in my best self, feminine.
Also while at the waffle house, I found the restroom signs were different. They were changed to reflect both genders able to use the restroom. Maybe it’s new and maybe it this particular location is newer. The one I used only had the toilet. Bring a single user restroom it made some sense to me. I didn’t inspect the other restroom. But it didn’t make any difference. I was still loving the facti wasn’t being self conscience about being out and about in spandex pants. Maybe it’s time to move forward, chooglin so to speak. Lol.
Well I’ve plenty to do again today. So I need to get finished prepping for work. So I get there and just work. Maybe 2pm will show up sooner than I expect. I’ve got things to do this afternoon.

Love Candi

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  1. Good for you. And good for Waffle House.

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