3 May journal

Good morning everyone its Tuesday. I am hoping for a much better day than yesterday. Everyone I know had a crap day yesterday. Anyway, the last two nights I’ve slept so hard I didn’t want to get up. I haven’t slept that good in weeks, maybe months.
I think it was Friday. Mistress and I along with a friend went camera shopping. We stopped at a couple places and ended up in Target before heading to the next store. They had jeans I saw a few weeks ago in my length. So I got a couple sizes and went to try them on. One was snugger than the other so I opted for the looser pair. Turned in the one I didn’t want, actually I did, and we went to check out. Not finding a camera she liked we only got the pants. Not a bad word from patrons or employees. Not even a sour stare. That’s what I’ve found 95-99% of the while out. No one really gives a hoot aside from one or two people here or there. Walmart on Sunday morning, had to go to the restroom bad. Miss was in the checkout line and I couldn’t make it home. So off I went alone. Two girls were in there doing their chatting at the sinks. I made it straight to the first stall. Did my business and by then they left, another lady came in. I washed and left, no bad remarks no issues nothing.
So I’m thinking, it’s just me, that all this silly restroom crap is just that, crap. Face book is full of posts on it. The small number of idiots that are pushing this thing must have nothing  better to do than attack people for being different in some way. They lack the know how to research the issues before attacking. I only wish I had the funds to sit around and find ways to have and lobby for better equality. But I have to work at a job that forces me to be dirty. I have bills to pay and life to support. I’m also tired of being depressed over an issue that really isn’t an issue. No matter what laws are passed, or what is taken away, people who want and will do wrong deeds will do just that. You cannot stop those people. They find a way no matter what. The better mouse trap results in a better mouse.
Lastly, the money that is spent trying to pass laws and stop us trans folks from being who we are could be better used in other places. These same folks are probably wanting to know why we don’t have better education and roads. Why are some places using 50-75 year old buildings for classrooms? Because the government funding is tired up in meaningless laws and lawsuits over things we already have laws about. The x amount of dollars in North Carolina to pass that stupid law could have been spent on text books and infrastructure for the better education of the children. Or maybe some better roads, bridges, and a host of other items that could have benefitted the entire population more positively. But no, they pissed it away on a law that cannot be enforced. A law that violates personal privacy and puts people in danger. Way to go folks, you proved that the education needs more funding so people can think past their noses.
I hope you all have a great day. I sure did not intend to go off on a ramble tamble. But I wanted to say to everyone that this whole restroom thing is not what we trans folks think it is. I’m going to have a great day. And I’m going to keep my head up, butt out and walk like a big girl in my big girl panties. Lol
Have as wondrous day everyone.

Love Candi

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