2 May journal

Good morning lovely readers, it’s Monday in May. The first Monday of the month, gosh where has the year gone.
Let’s see what I did this weekend. Oh yeah, we went to the drive in theatre Saturday night. Watched a movie and for some reason in the middle I got extremely tired. So we didn’t stay for the second movie. We got home and I got ready for bed. Yesterday I got up and was driving coffee when Mistress wanted to go to Wally world. So I missed my Sunday morning program and didn’t get to finish my coffee. But I got some cute shorts and a shirt. The shirt says “I can, I will”. I feel that’s a good statement to wear around for a variety of reasons. Then we got home. I changed into a dress and we took off to the state park. Mistress and her new camera just itching to take pics of her wife and other things. So we went out ate some food in the park. Kinda picnicy and enjoyed ourselves. When we got home, finished up laundry and showered. By the end of the day of getting all that done it was almost 7. We started a movie at home then it was just bed time. So I had get into that due today’s work day. I need my beauty rest you know.
So now that I’m at work I need to get busy. Y’all have a great day, and thanks for reading such a crazy blog. I know it’s not always peaches and cream. Lol

Love Candi

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