29 April journal

Good morning folks it’s finally Friday. I’m glad to have it get here. I’m not real happy about my HR visit yesterday. The whole thing is bs. All because I didn’t kiss some idiot ass. I’m still not kissing , but I’m too take some crazy manager classes on line. Like I’ve really got time for that nonsense. I don’t manage anyone but myself and some pieces parts that don’t talk back. I’ve decided that unless it’s another supervisor, I’m not saying anything but speak to your manager. This way I only deal with a bare minimal of people. Otherwise there will need to be witnesses before I say a word to them. It’s only she said he said thing so I have a verbal write up in my file now. Nothing can be proved. I stated my side and I was not going to enable an idiot to look good by doing their job for them. Oh well.
So that issue caused me to be late getting off and my coffee cup is at work. So I’m having to go to work with no coffee. šŸ˜¦ Not that I really want to go to work today.
I’m still pretty tired today and not much into writing a post.
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Love Candi

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